Publishers: Why Choose OverlayAd?

For publishers, has a solution that keeps you, your readers, and advertisers happy. Earn revenue by incorporating overlay ads with the images on your website, and provide visitors with supplementary information by displaying appropriate ads.

Connect with Our Huge Network of Advertisers provides you with ads that fit the content of your website. Whatever category your website falls under, you can be sure that you will be able to find associated advertisers that can add value to your images.

User-Friendly Browsing Experience

With you don't have to worry about turning off users with pushy advertisements. The ads that we provide are discreet and undisruptive; they only appear when your visitors hover over an image. In addition, users can easily click the close button of an ad, and immediately return to browsing your site.

Relevant and Appropriate Ads uses a crawler to obtain keywords based on a website's content. This ensures that the ads that are being displayed match the images on your website, in turn adding value to your published content and images.

Providing you with the Opportunity to Earn

Images are pleasing to the eyes and can spice up content, but don't let it stop there! Earn revenue by signing up with us. With, you are entitled to a revenue share whenever a unique user responds to an ad on your website.

Quick and Easy Registration

Becoming part of the OverlayAd network only takes a few minutes. Simply fill out the registration form and provide your website and contact information, and then wait for the OverlayAd team to approve it. Need further assistance? Our dedicated customer care representatives are happy to help!