Advertisers: Why Choose OverlayAd?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not use the power of images to fuel your ads? With, advertisers can create compelling, targeted campaigns by placing ads on top of relevant images. Captivate your target audience with ads and images that complement each other, and boost the influence of your campaign by providing users with ads together with images that they're already interested in.

Wide Variety of Publishers has a wide and diverse reach when it comes to publishers. Whatever you're selling, you can be sure that your ads will have their place in our publisher network.

Zero-In on your Target Audience

Our targeting system matches advertisements with appropriate websites, ensuring that your ads are displayed on top of relevant images. With, you won't have to worry about your ads being stuck on websites or images that have little or no connection to your products or services.

Support for Numerous Ad Formats will not get in the way of your creative freedom. We support various ad formats, so you can reach out to your target audience in whichever way you want. Whether your ad comes in the form of a video, an image, or just plain text, our platform will be able to support it.

Dedicated Customer Care Representatives

Unsure of how to execute your campaign? No problem. has several customer care representatives that are willing to address any concerns that you may have. In addition, our team can walk you through the process of building your campaign, as well as tracking it.

Real Time Campaign Tracking

With, getting insights on the status or your ad campaign at any given time can be done instantly, with just a few clicks. Simply log in to our website and view real time data on how your ads are performing.

Click Fraud Protection

We at want to ensure that advertisers are only paying for quality clicks. Aside from constantly monitoring our system for suspicious activities, we have teamed up with traffic management firms to protect you from untrustworthy IP addresses, spammers, and bots.